When you first go camping, you'll want to bring all your creature comforts. However, you'll soon realise how much you don't need and what comes back home unused. Here at Pitched, we've created a list of items that you should leave off your packing list when camping with children.


While the thought of unplugging can be a daunting one, leaving the tablets at home will give you and your kids a chance to reconnect. You may find yourself able to unplug more and more at home after living without WiFi for a few days. While the tablets should stay home, bring your phone but leave it in the car in case of emergencies. Don't forget your car charger.

Complicated meals

Just because you are roughing it, doesn't mean your palate has to suffer. Camping with your kids doesn't mean a steady diet of hot dogs and marshmallows, but you also don’t want to spend your days cooking. There are many great make-ahead meal options that will allow great taste with minimal efforts.

Sugary drinks

When spending the day in the hot sun the best way to hydrate is by bringing a large supply of drinking water. Sugary drinks can actually make you thirstier.

Expensive clothes, blankets or shoes

Camping is a sport that can have many clothing casualties-most go down from exposure to mud. Pack for comfort rather than style. Bring only what you need but don't skimp on warm clothes, towels or blankets.

Large amounts of raw meat

Not only are you rolling the dice on your cooler's ability to keep the meat safe for consumption, you are also running the risk of attracting wildlife. If you want to have freshly grilled meat as one of your meals, try consuming it on the first day to cut down on these risks.


While it may seem like a good way to mask the fact that you aren't smelling your freshest, perfumes can actually attract mosquitos which can do far more damage than a little B.O. Try using bug spray instead.

Your entire kitchen

Less is more when it comes to packing your camping essentials. It can take a few trips to narrow down exactly what you need but try to be creative in reusing items! For example, bowls can also do the job of a plate, so there is no need to pack those. Bring one cup for each family member and label them to allocate a little responsibility.

Don't bring garbage, don't leave garbage

Try to avoid packing items with excess packaging and bring a few heavy-duty garbage bags to take away your waste as well as pack up any dirty items you don't want ruining the interior of your vehicle. Remember, Leave No Trace.

Camping with kids is a great experience for the whole family, especially if you take the time to make sure the items you are packing will enhance your experience rather than take away from it. The most important thing you can bring with you on any family trip is a positive outlook. If you believe it will be an amazing experience for you and your family it will be.