Own property?

Share your peace of paradise with campers and earn revenue!

Host our community of campers and outdoor enthusiasts this season and experience how good it feels to earn extra income in a worry-free way —you’ll have all the Pitched support and resources you need to prepare your site and book your campers, allowing YOU to kick back and enjoy the host experience. This is a vacation experience for everyone!

Use the extra cash to travel, finish up those pet projects around the house, pay your property taxes… whatever! It’s the easiest money you’ll ever make, and it’s the greatest people who will become your customers! Canadian campers are the nicest folk out there – we can certainly vouch for that!

How Does Pitched Work?

Pitched connects property owners (hosts) to campers (guests) and provides awesome new places for people to set up camp, get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: You create your property listing.
STEP 2: Pitched finds your campers.
STEP 3: You get paid.

It’s just that simple!

Pitched is awesome because we are providing alternative campsite options for campers. All of our campsites are located on beautiful private property locations that are owned by people like you, your neighbours, your parents - anyone who has a beautiful outdoor space they are willing to share and allow campers to pitch a tent on! So what are you waiting for? You can sign up to join our host network and create a listing for your property quickly and easily. We can't wait to welcome you to the club!

Campers discover our campsites online, then book and pay for their stay directly through Pitched. You get paid, Pitched does the work. You choose your price, your availability, and who you approve to camp on your property – you’re 100% in control – Pitched just helps the campers find you and sends you their payment.

Is My Property a Fit for Campers?

You bet.

Our campers are looking for beautiful, safe, clean places to go camping – does this sound like your backyard, cottage property, or farm fields? We love being able to offer traditional, forested campsite options, as well as awesome new types of camping locations! So if you think you have a piece of paradise that someone might love as much as you do, you’re already a great fit to be a Pitched host.

In your listing you get to describe your property and this is your chance to gush. We encourage you to let campers know about any nearby hiking trails, lakes, and tourist attractions as well as what’s available at the campsite – like if you have a fire pit, any chairs, or perhaps you provide the firewood and the pre-whittled s’more’s sticks. Your Pitched site can be as simple as a flat spot in the woods and the campers need to bring all their own gear, or it can be as glam as a beachside RV with all the comfy luxuries, like a full washroom!

Speaking of toilets, most Pitched campsites offer a basic washroom facility for guests, often that can be just a simple outhouse. If you can do better, that’s great – if you are expecting campers to dig a hole, just make sure that’s made clear in your listing in case they’ve not ‘gone rustic’ before and have questions for you.

We also have a ‘leave no trace’ policy that we ask all of our campers to respect. This means your property stays protected and clean, and you have the chance to rate your campers to let us and other hosts know how great they were as guests.

If you aren’t sure about becoming a host or have questions about the sign up process – just get in touch to chat! We would love to hear about your property, and let you know how you can make it camper friendly so you can start taking reservations and earning revenue as a Pitched host.

How can I prepare my property for campers?

Imagine yourself as the guest, and take those extra steps to make your property and the arrival of the campers as great as you would like it to be for you.

As for the level of interaction - some campers love to interact with the host, and others prefer the privacy of a truly quiet camping trip. Either way—make yourself available to your guests in case they have questions, make sure (even if you won’t be sitting around the fire telling stories with them) that you’re no more than a cell phone call or email away.

How do I get started?

It’s so easy—it just takes a few minutes to create a listing/profile and become a host with Pitched. We even keep your piece of paradise private - your exact campsite location stays private until the campers have booked and paid. They can see the general area, but don’t receive the exact address until everything is confirmed.

If you have questions, simply connect with us – we are always happy to help guide you along the process of becoming a host!

Email olaf@pitched.ca or call 1-877-358-7386