When was the last time you got away? Was it a recent trip, or is it fading into distant memory? Did you go abroad, or stay close to home?

Now, what if I told you that your next getaway could be waiting for you in your own backyard or, perhaps even, someone else’s?

This is where Pitched comes in. We understand that Canadians love to camp and that those opportunities to break free from our day-to-day routine for a weekend (or longer) away from the city can be few and far between. Moreover, those excursions can, in many cases, be difficult to plan.

So, we asked ourselves: How can we make it easier than ever before for Canadians to find awesome places to camp? Even better, how can we provide campers with new and unique ways to experience Ontario? Fortunately, we came up with something pretty great (in our totally unbiased opinion, of course).

Here’s how it works: Our platform partners with landowners across Ontario to unlock camping opportunities that are quiet, secluded, unique and, ultimately, offer you a more authentic camping experience. From farms to forests, backyards to vineyards, we have it all — offering campers a new twist on traditional experience.

Beyond facilitating unique booking opportunities, we strive to create a community of like-minded hosts and travellers that can share in their appreciation for unique experiences and memorable moments shared around a campfire. Pitched hosts offer a wide range of facilities to prospective campers, depending on the type of campsite, ensuring that there is a perfect match for every style of trip. Before making a reservation, prospective campers can contact the host to ask any questions and confirm all relevant details on the booking page. Even better? Some campsites offer gear rental, so you experience camping without the additional carload and expense.

Over the past decade, the hospitality industry has experienced an undeniable shift to favour unique experiences and share-worthy moments. Travellers around the world are looking for something noteworthy, an enhanced connection with the properties they frequent and their local surroundings. So, why should camping be any different?

With Pitched, it doesn’t have to be.