Trying to get your teenagers interested in going on a camping trip? For some, especially first-time campers, this might prove to be a tricky task. For others who grew up in the country or who have been camping for years, it will likely be an easier sell. Either way, it’s important to keep the agenda full, and the kids busy so they don’t even notice there’s no cell phone service.

Remember, even if they seem lazy, they still have some youthful energy to burn, so get them moving! A full-tilt, high-energy day for your family will lead to a delightfully mellow evening around the fire for everyone.
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Summer campers should choose a camping location with lake access or a beach, so you can spend the afternoon paddling or swimming, or watching your teens push each other off the dock (the antique prank that ever tires). Winter campers can use a lake for activity too! A sunny winter day spent cross-country skiing, skating, playing hockey or snowshoeing is an awesome way to stay warm, have fun and hit the pillow hard at the end of the day.
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Teach them about the great outdoors. Show them how to chop wood and make a fire. Let them help you set up the tent. Fillet a fish together, and then pan-fry it in butter over the fire. These are experiences that are so hands-on, your kids are literally at risk of getting a blister - and we think there’s something really great about that. In a digital world, where everything is becoming automated and hands are getting softer, there’s loads of value in getting your kids’ hands a little dirty.

Go explore! Hike the area, hit the trails on bikes, just go look around and see what you find. Camping near a tourist town that might be worth strolling through? Or an orchard where you can go pick your own fruit? How about a tree-top tour area or a paintball park? Research the area you’ll be camping in and know what types of activity options you’ll have there, before you go. Did you know that Pitched can help with this?! Simply ask us (or connect with your host) about your camping site when booking, and we'll look into it!

Round out a busy day with a lantern-lit board game at the picnic table or in the tent. The more old-school, the better! Camping is one of Canada’s greatest traditions, and even just one cozy night sleeping under the stars will allow your teenagers to appreciate that.

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