We get it, you have a beautiful property and everybody wants to camp there, including your friends friends friends. That's why we allow hosts to 'block off' dates throughout the year to prevent campers from booking on those dates.

Using blocked off dates is perfect for when you:

  • Are away on vacation
  • Have other guests using the property
  • Have construcion work going on
  • Are too busy farming
  • Or simply need a break

How do I update my availability?

It's simple, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Pitched
  2. Visit 'My Campsites' from the main menu
  3. Click 'Block Off Dates' for the campsite you wish to update
  4. Click 'Block a new date' and select the dates from and to
  5. Repeat if you need to add multiple dates
  6. Click 'Update Campsite'


Enjoy your time off!