Picture this: You’ve piled the kids into the car, along with a trunk full of tents, fishing rods, coolers, sleeping bags and food. A fresh cup of coffee has found its home in your thermos, your partner has cued up a keep-everyone-in-the-car-happy playlist, and GPS coordinates are locked in. All that stands between you and a weekend away camping with your loved ones in the great outdoors? The open highway.

Or at least, that’s what you thought. But even after you finally escape the grips of Friday night traffic and transition from a paved highway to the dirt road approaching the campsite, you’re hit with yet another roadblock. People. An oversaturation of people. More people than should ever be granted access to the grounds of a Provincial Park at one time, to be precise.

This has become a rather common problem across Ontario, as Provincial Parks and Conservation areas are flooded with families and tourists throughout the season, especially on weekends. Rather than a ‘weekend away,’ campers might be disappointed to find their provisioned site is located far too close to a busy road, or sandwiched between rowdy weekend groups (without much room to spare). Oh, and the beach? Come the summer months, beach real-estate near campgrounds is tough to find, and even tougher to hold on to throughout the day.

So, if over-crowding of traditional campsites is the problem, what is the solution?

The answer, in fact, lies in a more private approach. Much like travellers are able to search, vet, and select unique properties and experiences for trips around the globe, prospective campers are finally able to find and book unique, memorable, private (and uninterrupted) camping experiences. The Pitched platform was created with the modern camper in mind, with all the joys of traditional camping, but with a unique twist. It could be a secluded island, a private beach, a vineyard, or even a backyard — whatever the property or desired experience, Pitched can help to supply the perfect campsite, without the overwhelming crowds.

Simply search, book, head to your private campsite, pitch your tent and enjoy. It really is that easy.