This year, hit the snooze button.

For many, February 1st, at 7:00 is the start of the camping season in Ontario. This is the date when campers can book the provincial park sites for the first public holiday of the summer, and everyone's favourite: Canada Day Weekend. It's also when campsites start to fill up and cover the map with the 'I'm taken' reservation icons. They sort of leer at you, don't they?

Many campers can recall this unfortunately too common experience - you find the half-decent campsite online, you cross your fingers, and you hit refresh desperately trying to book it and process your payment to secure your reservation for one of the busiest camping weekends of the year. Then summer rolls around (woohoo!) and you arrive only to find yourself camping next to a rowdy party (ugh).

But Why?

Once of the reasons we decided to build Pitched was to solve this nightmare for thousands of Canadians. We felt that this was wrong and decided that it was up to us to fix it. If we didn't, who would?

With Pitched, it's Different...

  1. Lay-in on February 1st. Hot snooze and reserve a campsite at ANYTIME for ANYTIME of the year.
  2. Always find new places to camp as new hosts join every day.
  3. Avoid the crowds of the large parks and resorts and camp somewhere with privacy and solitude.
  4. Easily cancel and reschedule your booking - no pressure!

Sounds good, right? So go ahead, scrub February 1st from you list of to-dos, and plan to book anytime, to go anywhere, with Pitched!